Wednesday, 25 March 2015

30 days with Ella & Fleur

Happy baby, pigeon, rotated chair, warrior II, cobra... a few months ago, none of this would have made any sense to us. & if you mentioned a good 'hip opener', we would have run a mile! But now, all of this has become part of our weekly routine and we love it! 

If you remember, we went to our first Ella & Fleur Hot Yoga session back in July 2014. We were complete yoga virgins back then but loved it from the word go. Over the last month we decided to give it another real go & signed up for a 30 day trial. We are now completed obsessed! and here's why. 

Apologies now as this is going to be a text heavy blog post as we obviously don't take photos during the classes.

In the past we've both had gym membership, tried to go as much as possible but failed most of the time. We both just find it very tedious. Unless we have a summer holiday to look forward to, we find it really hard to motivate ourselves  to actually go to the gym after a long day at work and neither of us can say we actually enjoyed going. We'd much rather go for long walks with the dogs... followed by a yummy pub lunch most of the time! But Hot Yoga has completely changed our whole outlook on working out. We now crave going. We so look forward to it and if for whatever reason we miss a class, we swear we get withdrawal systems. We missed a class a few weeks ago due to Race Week traffic and we spent the rest of the night in a right grump. 

Over the past 30 days while trailing Ella & Fleur in Cheltenham we've seen real results from going just a few times a week. We are certainly both stronger than we were, more toned and we never thought our abs actually existed. Not that we're really going to loose weight or for any vanity reason, we're purely going because we enjoy it so much. It's the only time both of us fully switch off, it clears our minds of all the day to day stress and we just relax. 

What's also great, is we feel like we're learning a new skill. Each week we'll learn a new pose that maybe last week we couldn't do, or we weren't strong enough to try but the more we go, the better we get. We leave with such a positive feeling of satisfaction. 

The classes are all great at Ella & Fleur - we've tried, Hot Flow, Hot Chill, Hot Power Hour and Detox Flow and all the instructors are fab too. We love Lucy's classes for a more relaxed, detoxing session, other classes like Tom's are really good too, you leave feeling the burn from a really good work out. At the time, we're always crying in Tom's classes & we think he secretly loves seeing us squirm but we always enjoy them really!

You leave every class feeling like you've worked your ass off, had a massage, a relaxing spa treatment & a therapy session all in one! What other workout can do that? For an exercise class that makes your sweat buckets, literally (have we mentioned that you're in a heated room, that's what puts the 'hot' into Hot Yoga) it's the most relaxing part of our weeks. 

Ella & Fleur have lots of exciting plans for the future, workshops, training and their expansion into next door is looming. They're going from strength to strength. Even in the short time we've been going, we've been seeing the classes getting more and more popular. You have to try it for yourself! 

Check out Ella & Fleur's website for more information about classes & memberships or give one of their helpful members of staffs a call. Either way, just give it a go, like us & so many others, you'll soon be hooked! 

Millie and Meg x

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