Friday, 28 August 2015

Supper Club at Brew And Bake

I always talk about opening a café in a little Cotswold town holding an exclusive supper club on a Friday night. Crazy business idea when you've never even been to a supper club. But I love the mysterious underworld vibe that the title gives out and have been obsessed with likes of Rachel Koo for a few years. 

So when our friends mentioned a Thursday evening supper club at our fave café in Cheltenham, we were in!

Brew and Bake is fairly new to the Cheltenham café scene opening it's doors on trendy Bath Road in March 2015.  With so many options for a cuppa in and around Cheltenham, it's so easy to get yourself caught up in purchasing a bog standard brew. But not at Brew and Bake, where wood roasted coffee and loose leaf tea come as standard.

#itsjustwhatwedo is the owners mantra. From buttering sandwiches before you and me are still snoozing to baking their own cakes on site, Mark and Duncan are passionately involved in running this business. This was all the more evident with Mark cooking up a storm on the night of the supper club.

Let me tell you about that storm...

after a very busy Thursday going into school for A level results and running errands before a surprise hen weekend away we attended Brew and Bakes first 'double sitting' supperclub! 

We went for the 8pm sitting but if that's to late for your dinner then 5:30 sitting May be more up your street. By day this quirky little cafe is just that, a cafe and so to turn it into a supper club by night meant BYOB! which was fine by us seems as the friends we were going with are basically wine connoisseurs.

The point of a supper club is to choose from a chefs specials or to attend a 'get what you're given' evening where each course is surprise. Mark and his team created a simple set menu where you could choose from 3 options for each course.

As James was running 15 minutes late we were all thankful for the selection of Hobbs House breads on the table served with a selection of little jars of different dips. 

James arrived just in time for the starter. Both him and I went for the Prawn Cocktail with a twist. A sharp marie rose dressing accompanied a generous helping of mini fresh water prawns. The others chose the pork fillets option which I think James had his eye on too. Food envy strikes again! We could also smell the rich pepper soup coming from our next door table. If it tasted as good as it smelt (which I have no doubt it did) then they should tub it up and sell it for lunches. I'd be first in the queue.

I banged on about the my main for days. Pan seared salmon on a bed of creamed lentils and a rainbow salad. So simple but so good. I'd like to know where Mark sourced his salmon from, it was scrummy! The lentils were a perfect accompaniment and the rainbow salad added a good crunch.

The others went for the belly of pork which looked rather impressive on a bed of red cabbage and topped with crackling and apple crisps. A good sized portion too.

For pudding I made the wrong choice. I LOVED my creamy lemon posset topped with lime jelly but I LOVED James's and Caroline's chocolate fondant pudding more...oh my! 

Good news for you Brew and Bake's Supper Club is happening again in September. Have a look at their twitter and Facebook for more details. I'll be seeing you there. @BrewAndBakeHQ

Millie and Meg (Caroline, Jamie and James) x

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