Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Stable, Cheltenham

It was only a few months ago that we were chatting to fellow bloggers about how far Cheltenham has come restaurant wise in 2015 yet there was still nowhere to go for good pizza... welcome The Stable! Exactly what we wanted and Cheltenham still needed but with an added bonus, Cider too. How'd you like them apples?

We arrived at The Stable, the newest restaurant to set up roots in Cheltenham on a dull, drizzly Monday after a sweaty session at Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga (see blog post here) raring to go and ready to eat! The best type of eating too, guilt free because we had just worked our arses off for it. Manager Mat welcomed us into an already buzzing restaurant after just a week of opening their doors and explained the ropes. Easy really, sit, order at the bar, eat and enjoy! 

Park your bums where ever you can find a seat and you'll have plenty to pick from, a choice of bars in the window looking out onto shoppers and passers by on Clarence Street, comfy booths and rustic benches make it a social event and perfect for large parties. That's without even exploring upstairs where you'll find even more spacious seating, in fact, The Stable can seat over 200 hungry customers. We were really excited to hear of Mat's plans to promote the cool space for events, private dining, parties, live music nights and potentially even weddings. Exciting times ahead for The Stable. 

Now, we're not big cider drinkers but with 128 different ciders at The Stable it would have been rude not to try some so we experimented with one of The Stables clever cider tasting boards - 6 purposely different ciders to help you pick your favourite tipple. We had to admit to Mat that maybe our inexperienced taste buds weren't used to some of the more 'potent' varieties but we did enjoy the lighter, sparkling 'Black Raft Gold'. Then Mat threw in a game changer, 'The Pheasant Plucker' light again but with a hint of grape fruit. Our new favourite! 

Pizza on the other hand is something we are far more familiar with! The Stable serves their pizza's exactly how we like them, thin, crispy, freshly prepared and with lots of yummy, unusual and season toppings. We shared 'The Billy the Kid'; cheese chellar diary goats' curd cheese, caramelised onions, field mushrooms, English spinach topped with roasted hazelnut and 'The Blazing Saddle'; slow roasted pulled beef, Gloucestershire smoked bacon, caramelised onions, roasted red peppers, topped with sour cream and jalapeƱos. Both delicious and seriously moorish, we unashamedly polished off the whole lot! See the whole menu here.

We were impressed with our first visit to The Stable and excited for many more to come. They seem to have got everything just right, cool interior, buzzy atmosphere, impressive choice of ciders and delicious pizza... we haven't even tried their pies yet which looked equally scrumptious! Seems like The Stable answered our pizza prayers. 

Millie & Meg x

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