Thursday, 12 January 2017

"My cleaner home"

So the last 3 weeks of December for me included organizing a hen party, finishing up at my old job, having an operation, being a bridesmaid, that little thing called Christmas, oh and I set up a new business in Stow-on-the-wold. So it was safe to say the house took a back seat and my goodness was it getting grim. I had never had my house cleaned before by somebody else ( I enjoy a Saturday clean up or a midweek stress buster clean!) but not being able to move properly (operation) I really needed some help.

So in comes "My Cleaner Home" a  green, domestic cleaning company, founded by Cheltenham mum-of-two and city worker turned domestic goddess, Rachel 2016. What caught my eye about this company was that Rachel doesn't used harmful toxic substances and instead works her magic creating her homemade and bespoke "green" products.

 Rachel uses the seasons to influence which essential oil to make and blend into her products and when I arrived home not only a spotless house but a house that smelt like Christmas (cinnamon, orange and other wonderful spices) it took me all of 30 seconds to put my feet up and relax ( add in a log fire and cosy socks and you have heaven right there). 

Rachel and her team were super professional finding time to fit around me to make it as easy and relaxing as possible. The best thing about it was that I had a de-brief email afterward where Rachel outlined exactly what they did during the clean and any helpful tips and advice for maintaining cleanliness going forward. 

Rachel had a project of her own six years ago, buying an almost derelict Georgian House. Renovating it into something beautiful made Rachel incredibly house proud and voila her passion for "My cleaner home" was born. Rachel says: 'I knew when I first set up the company that I would only ever want us to use natural products that would be safe for my clients and their families, as well as the environment. I went through months of intensively researching and testing traditional cleaning methods and techniques. This was huge fun and enormously revealing; to my surprise the homemade, traditional products were more often than not more effective than modern, commercial alternatives. As commercial products often contain chemicals that can compromise our health, I were even more convinced in our approach.

I came up with a range of products that we now make by hand. Though the exact ingredients are a closely guarded secret, I can say that they contain many items that many people find lurking at the back of kitchen cupboards, such as beeswax, vinegar, glycerine, bicarbonate of soda or lemons. One important feature of our cleans is that we also incorporate essential oils. Not only do they contain combinations of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, they add a bit of luxury which both staff and clients can enjoy! We change the oils with the season to make it relevant for the time of year. I have just finished our blend for the New Year, which will be uplifting and refreshing to help banish potential January blues!' 

The ethos of My Cleaner Home, and the service it provides:

'We are busy mums with a business to run to boot. We know how hectic life can be and so many people don’t have time to really maintain their home to the standard that they would like. If your home feels chaotic, life can feel chaotic.  Our aim is to ensure that clients completely trust us to take that worry away, meaning that they can return to a healthy, clean and beautifully smelling home at the end of the day. We achieve this by working closely with our team. We drop in on cleans as they are happening to keep our standards high. We aren’t in an ivory tower and getting stuck in alongside our team reinforces how we value the work they do. We carefully vet and reference our team and only bring on board people we feel fit comfortably into our ethos. Importantly, we maintain contact with our clients and encourage them to feedback; homes are constantly evolving which means that we need to keep up with changing needs' 

Thank you Rachel and your wonderful team! I felt like Christmas Elves had been to visit me. See you soon. Millie x

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