Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Our Holiday Reads

The best part of holidays, for us, is having time to sit, switch off, relax and read an actual book. Now we are both back from sunning ourselves in France and Portugal we wanted to share our favourite holiday reads. 

Meg's Holiday reads:

#GIRLBOSS is a life documentary about the rise in success of Sophia Amoruso. Sophia started her empire Nasty Gal, a vintage fashion retailer from nothing. In fact, the first item she ever sold on her Ebay store was something she stole. Now she is the CEO of a million dollar company with a team of #GIRLBOSSes & #DUDEBOSSes who have amazing creativity and work ethic. #GIRLBOSS is full of inspiration, wise words and funny stories of how Sophia, a girl with ADD worked her way up the ladder from hitchhiking, shoplifting, feminist to become her very own #GIRLBOSS. It's genius and admirable! 

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is a book I have been saving for my holiday but wanted to read for a while. I've also been tempted to watch the film a few times now but knew I would regret not reading the book first. I thought I would find it all too emotional, after all it is about teenage cancer. However, its not just heart wrenching but also heart warming, lovely, and funny. Once I started The Fault In Our Stars I couldn't put it down and for what I was expecting to be a 'chick lit' book it wasn't predictable or too gooey. The chapters set in Amsterdam were really well written and made the whole book a lot more romantic. It is a tear jerker but it will also make you smile and any book which achieves that, is a goody!

Emily's Holiday reads:

Not sure about this one, I am just over half way through and yes, I know, it an international Bestselling sensation, but I don't think it's for me. I think some of the humour is lost on me and I like a twist and turn in events but it's too repetitive. Don't forget this is JUST my opinion and it wouldn't be a best seller for nothing! My mum loves it! 


Ahh, my old faithful. Doesn't matter how many times I read this book I get lost in it every time. I don't like re-reading books often but this is different. I decided to read it again as we are going to Gifford Circus in 2 weeks and I remember when I first read it I craved going to the Circus for weeks. It is one of those books that you want to be real life, so that you can go and experience the words yourself. You can smell the toffee popcorn and feel the magic as you are reading. Gifford Circus, we are coming for you!

I've just finished The Book Thief and it hasn't let me down. A really gripping story set in Nazi Germany narrated by death. An unusual concept but it works. Death tells the story of the girl titled as the book thief as he visits her many times during her life. Expect an accordion playing Papa, a hidden Jew, A teenage love story, books, stealing and the beautiful story of a fostered girl learning to get on with life in the 2nd world war. It will have you crying though so be prepared! I always think I need an uplifting story on holiday but there is something about a drama that has you hooked. The film is coming out soon too so I feel well prepared.

What have you been reading and loving this summer? 
Millie and Meg x

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