Wednesday, 10 December 2014

M Spa

Lets face it, The Cotswolds isn't shy of amazing hairdressers and spa's. We really are so spoilt. M Spa at Mode, Lapstone over the last 3 years has always been a highly respected spa in The Cotswolds and now we know why. 

Martin Crean owner of Mode, the hairdressing salon at Lapstone has recently been flung into a frenzy of celebrations after he won Wales & South West Hairdresser of the year 2014 at The British Hairdressing Awards. A huge achievement and so well deserved for Martin who has worked his butt off over the last 10 years. Martin is extremely well trusted, in the hairdressing industry and with locals alike. A very popular man! His gorgeous salon at Lapstones is a buzzing, busy hub but welcoming and warming at the same time. You know how we feel about intimidating hair salons.. well, Mode couldn't be further away from this stereotype. A family run business with Martin, his lovely Mother and sister working tirelessly to make Mode the premium hair destination it is today.

Martin and sister Ema set up M Spa to work along side Mode 3 years ago as a true place of relaxation and tranquility. Something they certainly deliver. 

Both tired and stressed (the weeks just seem to get busier!) and feeling the strain of Winter moving in, we couldn't have looked forward to these massages more. Such a treat on a Thursday evening! We both ran in from the cold and rain for a 30 minute, hot candle aromatherapy massages.

Ema was a true pro from the beginning creating an instant calm as we walked out of the cold and into the warm, candle lit treatment room. The spa is in a beautiful converted barn which still retains it's Cotswold charm whilst being stylish and chic. Walking through Lapstones shop at night felt really special. The Spa itself has been decorated beautifully with vintage French wall paper, exposed beams and candles at every corner. The treatment room looked the business, with an illuminated spa bath, wash area and massage bed. There was a mix of relaxing music playing, not the usual irritating seaside sounds and plonky piano songs! It was very inviting.  

We had our massages one after the other both with the lovely Ema. We sat on the big cosy sofa's in Mode with a cup of tea chatting to Martin and looking at his winning photo's whilst we waited for each other. 

Meg - Ema did an amazing job working on my troubled areas, massaging nasty knots out of my shoulders. The pressure was perfect from the word go which is fantastic because in the past I've felt too bad to actually ask for what I want during a massage. . Either you feel like someone is just moisturising your back or you're biting your bottom lip trying not to yelp because the pressure is too hard. This was spot on! So I was comfortable throughout. The rose scent was delicious, I'm not a massive fan of sweet perfumes but the gorgeous rose was perfect and so relaxing. In fact, I was so relaxed from the very beginning, I must have nodded off in the first few seconds, when the candle wax hit my back, it actual made me jump. How embarrassing! 

Millie - Again I had the aromatherapy massage but this time with the white flower candle. I always feel nervous to have a massage as my back is so tight and full of knots from being slumped over piles of marking and my laptop! I also find when it begins to get cold outside I hunch my shoulders into my neck to keep warm. Ema started the massage off by focusing on my breathing, ensuring I was fully relaxed. she asked about what pressure I liked and made sure I was happy before continuing. She then used techniques to relax the muscles in my back to allow her to work on the knots in my shoulder blades. I was expecting pain however she managed to shift them with little discomfort. I was so relaxed it just felt therapeutic! The scent of the candle was intoxicating and I found myself looking forward to every breath intake to smell it! 

Back in Mode after our massages we could have stayed chatting to Martin and his team all night. Martin is certainly next on our beauty 'must visit' list - we're hoping he can do something with our limp locks! We will of course be paying Ema a visit again at M Spa, we'd love to try their tub journeys which look amazing! 

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Millie and Meg x

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