Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Sunday well spent...

Sunday... Our favourite kind of day! Particularly when you throw friends, food and laughing into the mix. After a heavy night for both of us on Saturday, starting Sunday off with a big brunch at Hotel No.131 was nothing less than perfect! (Blog on No.131 to follow.) Luckily for us it was the Birthday weekend of our bestie Soph and she did a cracking job of organising a day for us all to get together. So we threw our perfect Sunday ingredients into a big pot and spent the whole day together...After all, a Sunday well spent is a week of content...although some would say that's debatable (currently writing this after a rather horrid Monday)! 

After a scrummy brekkie us girlies let the gents go home for the dogs whilst we went to try on and choose Bridesmaids dresses in Cheltenham. We found them and they are perfect! Can't believe they aren't coming out again until OCTOBER!  

We headed back home for endless pots of tea and chatter and then donned our wellies for a lovely Cotswold walk to burn of the breakfast. Although a flask of coffee and the Huffkins Cakes We took with us piled the calories back on, (two wise women once told us calories don't count at weekends! @photosbystef @ss_flowers) 

Back to Millie's for more tea, a toasty fire and a film, before deciding a Chinese might be a good idea. Chinese is always a good idea, no? So the boys had the job of laying the table and we popped into Bourton On The Water to our fave take away China Town the 20 min waiting time gave us a good excuse to have a quick drink at the Kingsbridge.  

 Candles lit, fire still roaring and Sunday night films on the sofa to finish off the weekend. Day's like these make the hard week of work so worth while! 

What makes your perfect Sunday?

Millie and Meg x

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