Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Porch House

Totally ashamed to say after living just around the corner from Stow-on-the-Wold for 15 years I had no idea we were in the midst of England's oldest Inn! C947AD no less! Although brought into the 21st century now, the charm and history of The Porch House, still remains a constant reminder of the Inn past. Beautiful checked and leather dining chairs, roaring fires, etchings on the fireplace to ward off evil spirits, rustic antler chandeliers and dinner by candle light. Quirky rooms that flow effortlessly, despite one being a grand dining room, another being a conservatory, laid back bar and private dining parlour, making use out of a space that used to be two buildings.


This was the perfect place to meet up with James' family at the beginning of October ahead of our wedding. We booked a big round table in the dining room by the window that looks out onto part of Stow's high-street. 

When you manage to settle in to the beautiful surroundings I recommend having the Gin and Tonic that is the size of your head. Never a bad idea in my eyes, especially after two! Served with big chunks of ice and slices of grapefruit, your choice of gin is up to you, there is a huge selection.

We chose our starters off the seasonal menu. I had pigeon breast which was braised and served with a red wine sauce. It was a generous helping but I could have eaten more. Good job I didn't as the top-blade steak I ordered was enormous. 

The food was nothing different or quirky. It was seasonal, traditional, local and delicious. Well in keeping with the almost medieval styling and atmosphere of this beautiful oldie. Having just got back from Edinburgh I have the bug for history, romance and cosiness. We'll be booking another table this winter, where I am hoping the big fire will be lit.

Millie and Meg x

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