Monday, 28 July 2014

KIN Juicery

KIN Juicery is a brand new Cheltenham based company making their very own raw, cold pressed, healthy juices and smoothies.

The Duffy siblings Hannah, Alicia and Josh have teamed up with nutritionist friend Naomi to create a menu of KIN juices and smoothies which are tasty, good for you and make you smile... Oh & best of all, they are delivered straight to your doorstep. 

KIN Juicery started 4 months ago when siblings congregated in Cheltenham and wanted to bring the juice culture to The Cotswolds. So many cities have jumped on the juice bandwagon and have been enjoying green, healthy fruit and veg juices for a long time now. However, in the countryside we are a bit slower on the uptake of this trend but no matter where you live, most of you lead busy lives and KIN can help to make them slightly less stressful but much healthier. The KIN juices and smoothies arrive in a little package, with bespoke juices to meet your taste, or a cleanse package for a detox when needed. KIN deliver for free within a 5 mile radius of Cheltenham so you can enjoy the health benefits of a morning smoothie from your own home or a juice while you're on the go. No messy juicer, no washing up, no faff, just delicious healthy juice! 

We were delighted to see some of their snack range on offer at Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga in Cheltenham. A match made in heaven! See our blog about our experience at Hot Yoga here.

When KIN Juicery kindly offered for us to test their range of juices, smoothies and chia snacks we were intrigued to try, particularly as both of us are avid smoothie drinkers and have never ventured into the juice market before now.

Alicia and Hannah arrived at Meg's at 9am sharp with a cool bag packed with their stock. They perked up what was a less relaxing morning (Meg and Harry were babysitting their gorgeous and energetic 14 month old niece, Poppy). The friendly, local feel service from these sisters was lovely and we can see how you would look forward to their daily/weekly delivery just as much as looking forward to the juices themselves. They really know their stuff and they are passionate about what they're doing, particularly about living a healthy lifestyle which is motivational  and contagious in itself. 

So Emily popped over to Megs for an afternoon tasting session in the sunshine, which was perfect weather for ice-cold, thirst quenching, healthy juices.

Our overall impression of the range was good! We really enjoyed them. I guess with something like this, it is all down to personal taste and preference so actually we all had different preferences however, even if one us didn't like the taste of a particular juice, we still felt we enjoyed all of them individually knowing the healthy benefits and nutritional value behind them. Meg loved the green juices, with kale, spinach, cucumber etc. as they instantly make you feel healthy and energetic. Emily was more partial to the smoothies and fruit bites  for their fruiter and sweeter taste. 

We loved KIN.2 (Beetroot, Carrot & Orange) the deep red colour was appealing, it was tangy and fresh and had the right balance between tart and sweet. It was delicious! Poppy liked this one too, guzzling three large sips but then the colourful straw distracted her. 

Out of the green juices we were given there was a very distinctive difference between them, KIN.1 (Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Parsley, Apple & Lemon) was much darker in colour and had a much more savoury taste. To us, it was what we expected from a green juice... it tasted very 'green' and Meg loved it. You could taste all the nutrients in it and you instantly felt healthy for drinking it. Emily wasn't sure about this one but enjoyed the next green drink for it's sweeter taste. This was because KIN.4 contained pineapple along with Fennel, Cucumber & Mint. We were unsure about Fennel when we read the ingredients however, it didn't overwhelm the juice and the sweetness of KIN.4 would make it a great on the go drink for a tangy pick me up. 

We also tried two smoothies, one with Banana, Almond Milk, Oats, Chia Seeds  & Cinnamon. A really yummy smoothie which could be a breakfast supplement drink to grab on one of those hectic mornings. It was thick and creamy and  filling enough to keep you going until lunch time. Hannah also whipped up another smoothie using blackberries from her garden, although maybe a little too 'bitty' for us, it was full of fruity flavour. 

Lastly, we tried their two varieties of Chia snacks. Little balls packed with flavour and texture. We loved them! The Apricot ones were nutty and meaty, perfect as part of a healthy lunch or as a little snack. They are surprisingly filling and completely guilt free. The raw Coco ones would be ideal for that 3pm lull during a busy day when you just want to grab something sweet and naughty. Nothing naughty about these though, delicious and healthy. Perfect to cure that sweet tooth craving! 
Don't be fooled by juices, this is not just a health fad! The super powered,  superfood juices are bright, healthy, tasty and here to stay. It's great to see a local family business who are throwing themselves into something they feel so passionate about. Keep an eye out for KIN at festivals across the country, shop on their website and follow them on their social media sites; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The future looks fruitful for KIN Juicery!

Millie and Meg x

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