Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mangle & Wringer

Until The Applestore at Batsford Arboretum (see our blog about this lovely Aladdin's cave here) became a proud stockist of Mangle & Wringer cleaning products, we had never heard of the locally made, non-toxic, all natural range from The Cotswolds. 

What makes Mangle & Wringer cleaning products so special, you ask? Where do we start.

ALL of Mangle & Wringer cleaning products are made using old fashioned, home made recipes, using all natural ingredients which are therefore, all recognisable and easy to understand. You can 100% trust what is written on the labels. Vanessa Willes founded Mangle & Wringer in 2012 after adopting her housekeepers, Bette Smith's passion for non-toxic cleaning products which are not harmful to the environment or to use. Bette Smith, a housekeeper since she was 14 years old, a successful laundry owner and a local Gloucestershire lady taught Vanessa Willes and her team everything they now know about making beautiful, affective and non-toxic cleaning products. So do you see what is special about this Cotswold company now?
What first attracted us to pick up a bottle of Mangle & Wringer and learn more about Vanessa Willes's company was the sleek and chic packaging. Something you very rarely... actually, almost never see when it comes to cleaning products. Lets face it, cleaning is not the most glamorous of tasks and definitely is not top of our 'favourite things to do' list. Especially when you live in a little country cottage with messy boys and a old cocker spaniel. 

The Mangle & Wringer range is so attractive that Vanessa practically put marigolds on us herself and sent us home skipping to spring clean.

We purchased a bottle of 'Good for Glass' spray from The Applestore and loved it. No streaks, amazing!

Then Vanessa kindly sent us a goody box full of her products, a bag of 'Natural Bleach' and bag of 'Pure Laundry', a spray bottle of 'Spray and Go', a tub of 'Bathroom Balm' and a tub of 'Kitchen Cleanser'.
After testing the whole range, carefully following directions and gushing at all the lovely packaging we must say we are really impressed. 

The 'Spray and Go' spray was our favourite. We used it ALL over the house, on side tables, kitchen work surfaced, skirting boards and window sills. It smelt very vinegary with a hint of lemon zest but that didn't bother us, in fact we actually liked it. There is nothing worse than using a cleaning product that then hits the back of your throat and makes you cough for the next 15 minutes. 'Spray and Go' made everything sparkle, smell clean and look fresh. We loved it! 

Now, I think we can all agree there is nothing better than crawling into bed and slipping under freshly cleaned sheets. So when we unwrapped the handmade 'Pure Laundry' powder that was the first job on our list. Very simply, we added a large scoop of the laundry power and a smaller scoop of the 'Natural Bleach' powder in to the washing machine. Luckily, it was also a lovely sunny day so they the sheets got to air dry outside which is another one of life's little luxuries. When dried, they smelt and felt beautifully clean. They didn't smell of artificial chemicals, overly sweet and sickly like you get with so many branded products and the softness made for a comfy night sleep. Bliss!

As you might be able to tell, we are sold! We love the products, the packaging, the values of the company and most importantly.. they work! Try them out for yourself by visiting Mangle & Wringer online shop or if you live in Gloucestershire, The Applestore might be your closest stockist.

Follow Mangle & Wringer on Twitter  and Facebook and make sure you visit Vanessa's beautiful websites for lots more information on the whole range,  to shop any of the products we've spoken about and please please please read about Bette Smith and how she inspired Vanessa to continue her passion for non-toxic cleaning products. It is such a heart warming, touching story.

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