Monday, 29 September 2014

Our Week #4

We hadn't seen each other all week with Meg being busy with the shop and Emily busy at work too. So we planned to meet up with our lovely group of friends on Saturday night where we sat in The Langton beer garden drinking tequila and feasting on sharing boards. 

It's the end of September and the sun is still shining! So I am continuing to take full advantage of our garden and the odd beer garden or 2! We met with Stef at The Langton (can you tell this is a popular abode for us?), who we've booked as our photographer for our wedding next year. We sat outside chatting with her like we'd known her for years. Exactly what you want from someone who us going to be taking the most important photos of your life. We had Kate and Sophie to stay midweek so we popped into our nearest fish and chip shop, Mr Plaice in Charlton Kings for their infamous extra crispy chips (Only on Mondays and Wednesdays) for a very indulgent, extra fattening dinner! 

To carry on the theme of putting on my winter spread, I did a spot of baking at the weekend, conjuring up a little banana cake for James cousin Sam and we sat in the garden all afternoon with a roast dinner,James'  homemade lemonade and a big slice of cake. 

I started the week with a pretty nightmare visit to IKEA so we treated ourselves to Monday Night Burger Night at The Tavern in Cheltenham (blog post to follow soon). THE MOST delicious burgers I've ever had and we love The Lucky Onion's style. 

I've been super busy with Meggie's this week too. Dleiveries are arriving every day now full of stock. It's like Christmas Day!! I'm getting so excited now. I just want to start unpacking everything, displaying everything and start trading. I've finished ordering all my stocking now, adding lots of lovely locals to the mix, including La De Da Living, Cotswold Soap Co and Truly Lovely Candles. I also met with Angie this week, who created the Meggie's logo about stocking her beautiful prints and cards. We met at Bill's Restaurant for breakfast, a new spot in Cheltenham we've wanted to try for ages. I know understand what all the fuss has been about. Fun, fresh, friendly, great coffee and yummy breakfast! 

Millie and Meg x

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