Saturday, 15 November 2014

Ian Coley Sporting

Meg's brother CJ had just got his gun license and is now taking up lessons at Ian Coley. Shooting is something we got into this year after Meg's parents bought us both a round for Christmas last year. A perfect man present ladies! So, I thought I'd tag along to CJ's lesson to give it another go and show him a thing or two. 

We met on Thursday morning at the Chatcombe round about for a slap up breakfast at The Cotswold Diner. A vintage bus parked up in the lay-by on the A436.  In classic form, CJ was late so I tucked into a sausage and egg baguette with a coffee. The baguettes was just what I needed to start my day, clearly freshly prepared, crusty bread and good quality sausages - I would guess they are local but tucked in without asked. I also got a free refill coffee. Great value breakfast and far from a greasy spoon you sometime get on the side of the road. I can see why its been so busy in the past when I've driven past.

We then moved onto Ian Coleys, although I pass it every day, I am always pleasantly surprised when you reach the end of the drive. A big building in a great setting surrounded by land with lots going on. We entered the gun shop which has a vast array of shot guns and air riffles and plenty of country clothing and shooting accessories. 

We signed in at the shop, welcomed by members of the team. They welcome everyone the same here, whether you're an experienced shooter or a first timer, the guys are very approachable, knowledgable and great to have a laugh with so you never feel out of place.

CJ had already had one lesson with his instructor, Jim French, the shooting school Manager, but it was my first time meeting him. Jim had a calming manner about him, perfect as we were like two excited boys on Christmas morning trying to play it cool. Although Jim was very relaxed, he was great fun and we had good crack together. We started walking down the track into the wooded area where Ian Coleys has a impressive range of shooting traps. Different areas which fire clays at different angles to replicate the natural environment of a shot with real pheasants. We shot 100 clays in 5 different traps which kept us on our feet and stopped it from becoming repetitive. Ian Coleys provided us with all the gear, rental guns, hats, goggles and ear protectors. There was plenty of banter flying around from Jim, we were heckled when we missed but as good teachers should, Jim taught us lots and encouraged us well. You can see why people love shooting so much, you want to carry on until you hit ever single clay. We could have spent the whole day there.

For a fun and different day out, party or if you're looking at getting into shooting as your new hobby, Ian Coleys is the local expert and we could't recommend these guys more highly. They're the real deal. Be warned, it's almost too much fun, you'll want to go every weekend and it's not a cheap hobby but for what Ian Coleys offer and their huge amount of knowledge, it's actually great value for money.

We're looking forward to many more experiences at Ian Coleys. Next time we're up for giving their new air riffle range a go! Check out Ian Coleys website for the different lessons they offer, latest new and events. 


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