Sunday, 23 November 2014

Love Hair, Love your eyebrows!

Yet again I am paying Love Hair another visit. Meg found this fabulous hair and beauty salon in Broadway and raved about it, see the blog here.  Since then I have booked my wedding hair and played model for their make-up photo shoot with the wonderful Stefanie from Photography By Stefanie. Today I was booked in with Natalie to have my eyebrows tinted. I have only recently, perhaps 4-5monrhs or so, started doing anything with my eyebrows bar waxing! I love playing around with pencils, powders and brushes to change the shape of my brows. But they take time and can easily go wrong leaving you with a smudgy mess and 2 minutes to wipe it off before leaving for work. Nightmare!

So Natalie suggested having them tinted saying a shape and colour would last 2-3 weeks, save you time and prevent any smudgey stress! 

I love going in to see Natalie. She's a very calm and gentle character but a true professional. She's also super talented at what she does. Aside from that I've felt part of the Love Hair culture since visit number 1 and love spending time and having treatments with any of the girls. 

Natalie used RefectoCil products to tint my eyebrows along with techniques to ensure they were perfectly even and complimentary to my face shape. She lined the brush up from my nose to the edgeof my eyes to measure exactly where my eyebrows should end. Once she had popped on and then removed the tinting solution she shaped my eyebrows. This was done afterwards to give the solution as much hair as possible to cling to.

Et voila! Before and after. A really big difference, at the same time as a subtle change in colour... Is that even possible?! I'm not sure, but I know that they look good. I also find they are taking far less time to look after when applying make-up and any time savers are a must in my book!  

I wrote this blog 4 days ago and had my eyebrows done a week ago now. They are still looking good and I'm totally sold. I've decided having them tinted is as essential as plucking my unruly brows. So I'm booking in for regular monthly top ups next year ( by the way it's only £10!!!) making it the easiest New Years resolution of all time! Also just to make life that little bit kinder on the purse, Love Hair also have a loyalty card for money off treatments (see first pic). What more could you want?!

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