Wednesday, 12 November 2014


"Don't mention it, you're welcome"

It's the meaning of the name and coveys the total ethos of today's fabulous new find, Prego.

'Prego' was opened 2 years ago by new owners, retail entrepreneur George Davies and restauranter Barry Hancox, who spotted the potential in what was once a run down, deli/ice cream shop/cafe/sandwich bar. It has now be transformed into a little slice of modern Italy and is a strong contender on the Broadway restaurant scene. 

We booked in on the night of their 2nd Birthday party at 7:30pm. Walking in, the bar was busy creating a lively but inviting atmosphere. Chatting to one of the waiters, he told us it was often like this at weekends making it a fun place to work. The staff were probably rushed off their feet but you wouldn't have known with their calm, attentitive and professional approach to customer service. We were well looked after without being bombarded. Barry himself works as restaurant manager and is very involved in the running of the service making the experience at Prego real, seamless and special. He really knows his stuff after a forty-year background in running restauaunts. 

After a glass of Italian prosseco and a leisurely browse over the generous set menu we had chosen! Two antipasti boards for our 'Primi'. The first one a classic Prego board with a selection of beautiful Italian meats and the creamiest mozzarella we have ever had. The second a Pesce board with lovely chunky servings of home cured salmon, smoked mackerel, kets caviar and sea bass carpaccio, something neither of us had tried before, but will most certainly be having again. Both generous servings and served with pesto and tomato Italian flatbreads straight from the authentic pizza oven. 

Millie - A bit of a shock decision for my main, vowing to never eat a lasagne in a restaurant again after countless experiences of slop, I did indeed decide on the lasagne. After the success of the sharing board and the genuine authentic Italian feel to the restsuaunt, in addition to knowing the background of the chef, I thought now, if any, was the time to break my pledge. I'm so glad I did. What is not to love about a tasty bolognase made from British beef, parcelled in homemade pasta and a creamy cheese sauce. Ummm...yum! Served on a huge salad dressed in balsamic vinaigrette. Good choice!

Meg - If I had to make a bold and spontaneous decision, I would say pizza is my favourite dish! But not a frozen pizza you stoop too when there is nothing else to eat in the house but thin, stone baked, fresh pizzas are my go to meal. I couldn't even look at the rest of the menu, I just knew the pizzas at Prego were going to be delicious. I certainly wasn't disappointed, exactly what I was craving, thin, crispy, authentic and oh so tasty! I chose a veggie pizza, rosemary and garlic oil base with fresh tomato and rocket which came with a very generous topping of the creamy mozzarella we had on our antipasti boards. It really made the dish. I'm not ashamed to say I ate the whole lot. 

We finished our evening with two chocolate overload desserts and two decaf coffees made from the biggest bright red coffee machine you'll ever see. So swish! The desserts just sounded too good not to try, especially as we had eyed up someone else's as we sat down. We chose the chocolate roulade with pistachio crust and a rich chocolate mouse. Both were just as tasty as we guessed they would be. The same rustic, yet stylish presentation and delicious ingredients. 

We would highly recommend this little taste of authentic Italy in beautiful Broadway. They have the balance just right at Prego. We loved the modern Italian deco mixed with an old Cotswold building with a little glimpse into its  charm with exposed brick, wonky ceilings and beams. The restaurant itself is comfortable, inviting and full of the teams great eye for style. It would work for so many occasions as well, for a catch up meal with old friends, drinks at the well stocked bar at the weekend or family dinner midweek after a busy day. 

It's not hard to figure out how Prego's has become so popular in Broadway. The food really is that good. Don't just take our word for it, you must try it for yourself. Complimenti Prego! 

Millie and Meg x

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