Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Angel, Burford

Stepping out of Burfords' high street hustle and bustle and stumbling across The Angel, will be the best thing you do when visiting this gorgeous, Cotswold hot spot. The Angel has got the balance just right. Husband and wife owners, Gemma and Terrance, have kept the Cotswold character of a local pub which attracts locals, drinkers and tourists alike, whilst refusing to compromise on their passion for great food.


The Angel is a 16th century coaching inn and the charm hasn't been lost one bit. There are two gorgeous fire places, which you can imagine roaring away on a chilly Winters night or alternatively a beautiful courtyard and beer garden at the back with plenty of room for thirsty Summer time drinkers.

We arrived on a Saturday for lunch. Although they were busy with eaters and drinkers, the calming atmosphere created by staff, acoustic music and warm lighting, helped us to leave our stresses at the door. We were welcomed by a friendly face behind the bar who kindly poured us a much needed drink whilst we salivated over the scrummy sounding specials board! Already we were spoilt for choice, without having seen the main menu. In fact, we couldn't choose at all, we let owner Gemma choose for us. She recommended the cod and free range chicken. So that's what we went for.


The Eating

All of the ingredients used are as local as possible. The meat is sourced from a Wiltshire butcher who delivers everyday, allowing Gemma and Terrance to serve dishes that are ethical and traceable. The presentation of the food was beautiful. Very fresh looking, clean but with style too. If we weren't hungry before, we most certainly were now. They both looked delicious. After taking a few snaps, we dived straight in. 

Meg went for the cod which was perfectly cooked, a delicious crispy skin and meaty fish. Although it came with a cream based sauce it was very light, perfect for lunch time. I loved the beans and potatoes all on one plate rather than having to dish them on yourself, like you get in many pubs. I tend to always pick a fish dish when I'm eating out and this one didn't disappoint, I would highly recommend. 

Millie had the free range chicken breast served on dauphenois potatoes. This was a real treat for me as I am super fussy about where food is sourced from. It isn't very often you find free range meats on the menu at a pub and so I was delighted when Gemma stated how good the chicken dish was. She wasn't wrong! It was mouth-wateringly juicy and the crispy skin was to die for! The potatoes were creamy and the rich sauce it was served in had little kicks of rocket every now and then. Seriously yummy.

To follow, we were too tempted to only pick one dessert so we opted to share two instead. Hey! It was the weekend! We ordered a Sticky Toffee Pudding and an Orange Chocolate pot, again, on Gemma's recommendation. The Sticky Toffee Pudding was very good, always a favourite when eating out but the Orange Chocolate pot was something seriously special. A new contender on their menu, it was rich and velvety with candied orange peel on top, making it a little pot of scrumminess.

The Extras

We both had a coffee to finish with and chatted to Gemma about the pub. The coffee was served in a cafetiere, our favourite way to have coffee even though we both have Nespresso machines! Often a machine is the way coffee is served in pubs and restaurants now but there is something lovely about a traditional cafetiere.

We spotted little quirky trinkets around the windows and cubby holes which Gemma pointed out are a mix of traditional pub d├ęcor and nod's to Terrance's South African heritage. Gemma and Terrance have owned The Angel for 3 years and something that was really obvious was the love and family feel they inject into the place. Whether it is their little boy, Freddie, playing with the staff or the way customers both old and new are welcomed into the bar, The Angel oozes homeliness.  
But what you will remember the most, is the delicious food!

Millie and Meg x

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