Saturday, 25 October 2014


Usually when we mention tonic it's of the gin variety. This time... there was no alcohol involved. In fact, quite the opposite. After a seriously busy week for the both of us we headed to Cheltenham for some TLC in the form of massages and facials at new beauty salon, Tonic.

Tonic, situated in the trendy Suffolks, was opened by Kerry in May of this year and business has been booming since. We have found many reasons for this success including Kerry and Tess's professional and knowledgable approach to the products used, their friendly rapport with customers and above all their expertise in the treatment room.

Yon-Ka a French brand, is exclusive to Tonic as the only beauty salon who uses their products in The Cotswolds. 60 years since it was first created, Yon-ka is still developed by the same Parisian family who are passionate about aromatherapy and botanicals. Using only the most precious part of the plant in their products Yon-Ka focuses on 5 key ingredients; Cypruss, Rosemary, lavender, Thyme and Geranium. Kerry specifically chose to work with Yon-Ka to ensure she had treatments and products that are tailored to different skin types and needs to help purify and heal. They really are special, smell beautiful, they're luxury but surprisingly affordable, you won't find them on the high street so feel exclusive and we loved the packaging. Most importantly, they work!

Meg opted for the full body massage with Kerry herself. Kerry used a Yon-Ka Neroli Serenity Massage oil Candle during the 60 minutes of pure bliss. The massage oil candle is exactly that, a candle which you light to create a beautiful scented oil which is then directly poured onto the skin or into your hands to massage. It obviously is hot, but in no way burns. It creates a luxurious oil which doesn't leave your skin feeling oily or sticky, instead it is a highly moisturising oil which soaks into the skin and leave you feeling silky all day long. Millie has been a fan of Neroli ever since working a short stint at L'Occitane in Cheltenham and fell in love with their Neroil perfume, which has since been discontinued. Devastating! But Tonic's Neroil Serenity massage can now fill that void and best of all, Tonic also sells the candle to light or to use for massages at home. It was ultimately relaxing, left skin feeling beautiful moisturised and the scent kept all day. 

Millie went for Le Grande Classic facial, a deep pore cleanse, which was just what she needed after a full on bad skin week! It couldn't have come at a better time. The treatment was an hour of pure indulgence and was completely right for her oily skin. Kerry mentioned that one of the things she loved about working with Yon-ka is that they aren't restricted to general methods and products. Instead they create bespoke treatments to suit the needs of individual customers. The facial included a face massage working on the many  pressure points in your face and neck helping you to completely relax. For Millie this was perfect, as for someone who talks for a living, her face was tired after a busy term. There was a deep exfoliation, using a fruit peel mask and a toning steam which just smelt heavenly. Whilst the mask was working wonders, the treatment surprisingly included a hand, arm and neck massage meaning no time was wasted in helping you to feel pampered and cared for. The products used, contained a mix of those 5 nifty purifying ingredients that gave skin that healthy glow back, which always seems to disappear after the summer. 

There is nothing worse than feeling disappointed with the time and money you invest in giving yourself some 'me time' only for it to not, well, be very good! But we don't think you will be disappointed at Tonic. Why not take advantage  of Tonic's #3for30 offer which includes 3 mini treatments for £30. You could choose from a back neck and shoulder massage, shellac manicure, mini facials and more. Be quick though as it is only running for another week, ending on the 31st October! Tonic also have the wonderful range of Yon-ka products for sale in the salon and some beautiful Christmas gift boxes full of beauty goodies all of which are reasonably priced for the quality of what are luxury products. 

We left Tonic feeling full relaxed and pampered. Isn't that the overall goal for visiting a beauty salon? Well, Tonic definitely met our expectations. A lovely little salon in a great location with staff who value their customers, know their stuff and love the products they use,  helping your skin love you again! 

Millie and Meg x

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